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AppFolio Investment Management Software is scalable to fit your business. AppFolio Investment Management Software is scalable to fit your business.

AppFolio Investment Management is an on-demand, one-login platform that provides flexible, powerful tools to streamline real estate investment management. Created by the award-winning team behind AppFolio Property Manager and AppFolio Property Manager PLUS, AppFolio Investment Management is designed to impress investors, increase productivity and grow your business.


Modern Solutions Designed By Industry Pros to Help You Succeed

First we transformed the property management industry with AppFolio Property Manager, an innovative, mobile software designed for the modern property manager. Loved by customers for its ease of use and exceptional service, our team leveraged that experience and success to transform real estate investment software. AppFolio Investment Management is our next powerful solution, offering simple, smart, digital tools backed by an award-winning, publicly traded company that’s dedicated to innovating, competing, and growing in today’s economy.


Constantly Innovating, Evolving and Growing Together

Every aspect of our software and user experience is designed with the customer in mind to help them thrive in the modern economy. Constantly innovating, we’re not just another software vendor. We believe that in today’s on-demand, ever-changing economy, a technology solution alone isn’t enough. Our ongoing partnership with customers ensures that your daily needs are always met while we keep a pulse on the future to ensure our businesses grow and evolve together.


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