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AppFolio Investment Management wins APPEALIE SaaS Award for Customer Service

By Nat Kunes November 9 2021 5 min read

We’re proud to announce AppFolio Investment Management has won a 2021 APPEALIE SaaS Award in the Customer Service Category.

The APPEALIE SaaS Awards are annually presented to leading software providers that demonstrate excellence and drive customer outcomes.“Our highly selective award honors customer-obsessed SaaS platforms that go above and beyond to deliver extraordinary experiences” commented Arabella Solaybar of APPEALIE.

Our team at AppFolio Investment Management is honored to receive this recognition because it demonstrates our commitment to one of our Core Values: “Listening to Customers is in Our DNA.” Our dedicated focus to this value has allowed us to build strong relationships with our customers. In light of this award, I wanted to celebrate our team’s work and highlight a few ways we drive a best-in-class partnership with our customers:

Providing dedicated and responsive representatives

We believe our software should feel like an extension of our customers’ teams, and each AppFolio Investment Management customer partners with a dedicated customer success representative that helps them leverage the software to achieve their goals. This provides a consistent and reliable touchpoint for our customers so they can be empowered to thrive with our team by their side.

Innovating on our customers’ behalf

We partner closely with our customers to understand their distinct needs so that we can continually innovate to create better ways to solve their problems. This has resulted in a product that is both easy to use and solves their business challenges. In some cases, we have delivered newly requested features in a matter of days.

Crafting a seamless onboarding experience

When a new customer signs up for our software, we’re excited to get them up and running as soon as possible. We’ve designed an industry-leading onboarding experience that gets customers fully up and running on AppFolio Investment Management in a matter of weeks.

Celebrating our customers with events

We celebrate our customers with our famous annual AppFolio Customer Conference. This is a 3 day event in the Fall and is open to all AppFolio customers, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the industry, discover new ways to use our products, and connect with one another as well as with our teams.

And beyond

We also love to collaborate with our customers to help grow their business’s brand in the market. We will regularly sponsor customers to attend industry events and trade shows, co-create content that showcases their success, and help promote any podcasts, books, or other projects they may be working on.

“The best part has been having the AppFolio team’s support and how much personal attention I am getting. Makes a huge difference.” – Brooks Baskin, 2B Living

Partnering with our customers and helping them achieve their goals is our ultimate reward at AppFolio Investment Management, and recognition by the industry is a nice reminder to celebrate our work. Thank you to the team at APPEALIE for recognizing the AppFolio Investment management team’s commitment to superior customer service.