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MJP Property Group is a full-time real estate investment and management company offering a range of customized residential and commercial property management services. MJP acquires, owns, and operates multifamily apartment buildings while providing clients with real estate investment opportunities with reduced risk.

Leveraging AppFolio to scale

The company leverages a win-win investment approach to revitalize and elevate multifamily communities, enhance the lives of residents, stakeholders, and communities. MJP Property Group's residential and management service includes but is not limited to marketing, lease and tenant management, building management, reporting, and accounting and maintenance services.

AppFolio's hidden value

We sat down with Matt Picheny, the Managing Partner of the MJP Property Group, to discuss the role of AppFolio Investment Management in helping the company and its clients achieve their goals. Matt Picheny boasts more than 15 years of experience in property analysis, financing, acquisition, and operations.

What has been the best benefit of adopting investment management software so far?

AppFolio has saved us a lot of time, especially when it comes to automating workflows. It has enabled our teams to find the right information at the right time instead of chasing it down for hours. AppFolio Investment Management has also enabled us to quickly manage fundraising campaigns and effectively handle assets. It features a centralized dashboard that allows our teams to track investment portfolios, view capital summary and monitor organizational performance.

The platform also provides excellent opportunities to improve communication and foster greater collaboration. The inbuilt database has enabled us to record prospect details, communicate with clients via emails, and track client interaction. I particularly like the Investor Portal feature that enables users to view asset locales, sign pending documents, and share tax forms with investors. Best of all, with this tool, we can now process electronic payments, perform audits and generate reports quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the ability to effortlessly create distributions and print checks with the help of AppFolio Property Manager is a big plus for us. We also find the exceptional customer service and support offered by AppFolio's super friendly and highly knowledgeable team quite helpful.

This has freed our workforce to focus more on higher value and higher revenue-generating tasks, translating to improved employee engagement and satisfaction and improved customer experience.

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How was your onboarding process with AppFolio Investment Management?

I found AppFolio's onboarding process easy and intuitive. During the integration process, we received round-the-clock support from a knowledgeable and friendly development team that helped us deploy the tool quickly and efficiently. The team shared what is on the upcoming roadmap for the company's product offering, and I was excited to learn that AppFolio will scale with us during our expansion. The company undertakes routine updates that lead to significant improvements in our performance.

Have you experienced any growth since partnering with AppFolio Investment Management?

I must admit AppFolio has brought significant differences to our company. The tool has enabled us to position our company and services better before our clients' eyes, thus realizing better growth in sales and revenues. It has helped us streamline our operations, optimize our services and improve efficiency. We continue to leverage the tool to win over more investors by offering them access to an interactive Investor Portal that enables them to view data, documents, and ongoing investments in real-time. The tool also enables the promotion of new opportunities and tracking of prospective investors and more.

How has AppFolio helped with your fundraising efforts?

With AppFolio, we have achieved more funding within 48 hours, which we would never achieve if we didn't have the software. In essence, AppFolio has helped us streamline the fundraising process and helped us raise more capital from each individual investor. We leverage the tool to communicate clearly and consistently with prospects and clients. This has enabled our clients to achieve greater confidence and trust in our business, thereby enabling more investment with us.

A Brookline harbor with residential buildings. A Brookline harbor with residential buildings.

How has AppFolio Investment Management improved your productivity?

AppFolio Investment Management has taken over mundane, repetitive administrative tasks that consumed much of our staff's time. This has freed our workforce to focus more on higher value and higher revenue-generating tasks, translating to improved employee engagement and satisfaction and improved customer experience. Additionally, AppFolio Investment Management can work 24/7, which has helped us complete more work with the same resources in less time.

If you were to recommend AppFolio to someone, what would you say about the software?

AppFolio provides exceptional tools that the MJP Property Group needs. There is no doubt AppFolio Investment Management understands the market well. They know their customers and what they need and what to expect too. Over the years, the company has consistently made robust improvements to cater to the changing market dynamics, meaning we will be covered in the future as the industry changes. The number one thing that makes this tool integral to our business is the capability to streamline everything that we do day in and day out for greater efficiency and improved productivity. Overall, AppFolio offers a very positive customer experience thanks to a great team committed to going the extra mile when handling client issues.

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