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Investor Portal

Investor Portal

With the Investor Portal investors have easy 24/7 access to a dashboard summarizing their investment positions, asset information, and capital invested and distributed.

A screen shot of the Investor Portal tool. A screen shot of the Investor Portal tool.

Investor Dashboard
This at-a-glance feature provides investors with easy 24/7 access to a summary of their investment positions and capital invested and distributed.

Document Access
Investors can easily find reports, investment documents, and K-1s that have been shared with them.

Asset Information
Investors can view information about assets within their investments, including property descriptions, photos, locations, valuations, and loan balances.

Investment Performance View
Investors can find historical distributions and investment performance.

Investor Relationship Management (CRM)

Investor Relationship Management (CRM)

A screen shot of a Tablet showing the CRM tool.
A screen shot of a Tablet showing the CRM tool.

Track all investors' contact and bank information along with capital invested within a robust CRM system.

Investor Database
Track all investors contact information, tax and bank account information, and capital invested.

Distributions Tracking
Easily calculate pro-rata and track all distribution to investors and see the unreturned capital amount for each investor.

Document Sharing
Conveniently distribute and share reports, investment documents, and K-1s with investors who can access the information at any time through their portal.

Fundraising Tracking & Management
Send communications and track the interest level of prospective investors. Manage investor commitments and get notified when signed documents and capital contributions are received from investors.

Communication Tools
Email investors individually or all at once. All communications are automatically tracked for easy reference.

Headshot of Jon Leeb.
A double quotation mark. I love the fact that the data is accessible and organized. I can search for an investor and get a full picture of the entities they belong to along with their assets and performance.
Headshot of Jon Leeb.

JON LEEB  President, Leebco, Inc.



AppFolio Investment Management does more than develop products. We partner with you in your success along the way from getting started to ongoing support.

An image of two phone support representatives. An image of two phone support representatives.

Data Migration
Our team of experts will guide you through the data migration process for a seamless and efficient experience. We're dedicated to ensuring your data is set up and ready for you to fully utilize the software.

Training & Support
When you become an AppFolio customer, you get all of the training and onboarding help you need to get started, as well as easy access to online resources to guarantee a great support experience.

We understand that your data is your livelihood and must be kept secure. We've invested in a state-of-the-art data center, manned 24/7/365. All sensitive information is encrypted with infrastructure that ensures the highest levels of service availability.


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